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“Meyer Computer & Consulting exists to provide fast and reliable technical assistance, website creation and retail sales.  We serve small to medium sized businesses as well as home computer users.  Meyer Computer Consulting sells solutions and results at reasonable prices!?/span>

Shelby Meyer has worked professionally in the information technology field since 1989 for two local area manufacturing companies.  Meyer Computer and Consulting was started in 2002 and it continues to grow at a rapid pace.  He has a good working knowledge of many types of customer businesses coupled with plenty professional experience to handle any computer related task.  This includes PC & server repair, upgrades, spyware & virus removal, network design, website design, databases and light programming.  Shelby strongly believes in lifetime learning and is always seeking to improve skills and experience.  As of July 2009 Shelby holds an even 20 IT certifications including the following:









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