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  • Debby Allgeyer
    Just wanted to drop a note and tell you thanks so much for getting my computer back up and running! It is working great!
    Thanks again and I will pass on your name to other people I know who need your service! 03/29/09

    Colleen Kosier
    [Comment refers to KosierDanceStudio.com website]
    Shelby, I absolutely love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   09/08/06
  • Nancy Oehlert
    [Comment refers to setup of Citrix terminal and software installations]
    Thank you!!!!!   You are amazing .. Thank you BOTH for ALL the time and energy used to make our daily computer lives easier.  07/12/06
  • Bev Karjala- US Army TACOM
    [Comment refers to Honorourvets.org website]
    Hey!  We're impressed.  Stayed in for lunch and was bored and went in and checked out your website.  Boy, have you done a lot.  The winter pics of the vehicles look awesome.  I like all the pics of the tank as it was entering into town.  Great pictures.  Yes, it definitely needs a new paint job. I showed these to Ed and Audrey.  They say you have a "top notch" display. 05/18/2006
  • Teresa Geirhart
    [Comment refers to sale of new PC]
    Thanks again for recommending this computer. I copied my first CD today and it was really, really simple. 05/06/06
  • Dixon Family Dentistry
    [Comment refers to sale of new flat panel monitor]
    Love, love, love the new monitor, Shelby! 01/10/2005
  • Tina Saville
    [Comment refers to Honorourvets.org website]
    I just wanted to thank you for all the work that you have been doing on the Website.  I looked at the pictures and the text that you inserted regarding the September 11th Memorial and I was in awe.  I have received many emails from the Commission praising the pictures that Dick took and how they have renewed energy in completing the project.  You both should be very proud.  Great Job!  Thank You Both 06/08/05
  • Spectrum Pork Systems
    [Comment refers to PC repair to meet a deadline]
    Shelby, thank you so much for your last minute help!  We really appreciate it!  03/23/2005
  • Lisa Treviranus - Attorney
    [Comment refers to sale of new PC]
    Thanks again for your help.  We are all having lots of fun with the laptop.  I will recommend you to everyone I hear of that is having computer problems!  12/28/2004
  • Dr. Don Lewis and Ann Lewis
    [Comment refers to virus and spyware removal]
    Thanks for your good work! 11/16/2004
  • Roger Aschbrenner
    Thank you for your consideration of us! 11/4/2004
  • Grant Johnson - Symbol Technoligies via ComputerRepair.com
    [Comment refers to barcode equipment installation]

    I would recommend this technician to a friend or associate! 09/20/2004
  • Rich Rockwood - Dixon Prop and Welding
    [Comment refers to MarinePropShop.com website]
    The site looks very good!  No surprise to me. 10/16/2003
  • Greg Hicks - Hicks Insurance
    [Comment refers to HicksInsurance.biz website]
    Shelby, you do good work! - 7/27/2003









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