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Meyer Computer & Consulting offers affordable web-design that will be easy on your budget!  If you are creating a new web-site or re-designing an existing site, we can help your business look better!  These are REAL websites and not simple listings or pages listed on someone else's site.  You get a real domain name with real email addresses @yourdomain.com.  We do all sizes of sites from small websites of a just a few pages to sites with dozens of pages.  We have literally thousands of graphics packages from which to choose.  You simply supply the content for your business or organization and Meyer computer does the rest of the work to make you look good!  We can take high quality photos with our digital camera for inclusion on the site or you can supply your own.  Some clients have even chosen to include attention getting radio jingles or other sound effects to grab the readers attention.  As another client option is to publish your website to a temporary location while it is in development so you can monitor it and request changes as necessary.  Flexibility is the name of the game!

The owner of Meyer computer is both CIW certified and Comptia i-Net+ certified in website design.

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Shelby Meyer - Owner

Meyer Computer is professionally certified to do the job right!










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